Synopsis of the Order of the Saltier Trilogy

As promised, here is the complete synopsis of the Order of the Saltier Trilogy.

The Order of the Saltier Trilogy is a work of fiction set in modern times about a secret society that was formed to help preserve justice and freedoms. This society sees it as its duty to identify where justice and freedom are in peril or under attack; and to take action where possible to help restore justice and freedom to those who have lost it. Rather than acting as vigilantes, extracting justice according to their own code, the Order acts as an extension of the justice system, secretly helping law enforcement bring criminals to justice without revealing the existence of the Order.

Book 1 – Knights of the Saltier

In Book 1, we are introduced to Tom Anderson, a young man wanting to be part of something bigger than himself. He follows his own path, joins the military, and has a distinguished career. Once out of the military, he is recruited into The Order. The Order is working to bring down a large crime syndicate that has become aware of The Order’s existence and is committed to the Order’s destruction. Book 1 is also the story about a father and a son, coming together has adults and healing old wounds. The climax of the book comes when one of the leaders of the crime syndicate attempts revenge for the Order’s efforts against his business.

Book 2 – Crusaders of the Saltier

In Book 2, which picks up three years after the end of Book 1, we are introduced to Emily McCafferty, a member of the Order who becomes very close to Tom Anderson. Their love story is set against the backdrop of a crisis gripping the nation. The President has been assassinated and there have been several terrorist attacks around the country. The country goes into “lock down,” using techniques perfected by Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia. The Order becomes aware of illegal acts being committed against US citizens and steps in to help. The climax of the book occurs during a battle in the nation’s Capitol building between members of The Order, who are protecting the witnesses of these illegal acts, and forces attempting push aside the civil government.

Book 3 – Protectors of the Saltier

In Book 3, which picks up one year after the end of Book 2, Tom and Emily are continuing their adventures together and enjoying successful careers. Members of the forces who attempted to push aside the civil government in Book 2 are still at large and planning a return to power. There is internal conflict within The Order as to how to handle these fugitives, and this conflict threatens to split The Order apart. The fugitives make their move, and at a military industry expo and conference where Tom and Emily are presenting, The Order must come together to stop the fugitives once and for all.


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