A Journey To Understanding The True Nature Of The Spirit

A Journey To Understanding The True Nature Of The Spirit
A Review of Raine’s “Rainedrops From Heaven”
By William Speir, Author of “The Order of the Saltier Trilogy” and “King’s Ransom”

Raine’s book, “Raindrops From Heaven,” is the second book by this amazing author I have had the pleasure of reading.  The first book of hers that I read, “And Rainedrops Fall Down My Cheek,” was a truly fascinating book about a woman’s journey to discover more about her special gifts.  “Rainedrops From Heaven” is a message of hope to anyone wanting to understand the physical manifestation of life and its relationship to the spiritual foundation that makes that life possible.

Raine’s writing style, which is very conversational, makes the reader feel he or she is being spoken to by the author as she relates her experiences with those who have cross over, those who were left behind to deal with the grief caused by the parting of a loved one, and those angel visitants who provide comfort and support when we quietly ask for help and are willing to accept that help in whatever form it appears.

There are several key thoughts that the author presents which I find to be of great comfort and of great power.  The first is: “We are truly loved every single second of our lives upon this earth. We are not judged. We are not going to be sent to hell. We are loved. We are surrounded every single day by our angels who are filled with love for us and want nothing more than to be asked by us for help. We are loved.”  The Bible tells is that “God is Love,” and it is a powerful idea that God’s love surrounds us and fills us every moment of every day – regardless of whether we acknowledge God’s love or not.

The second powerful thought that the author presents is: “We are more than a body of flesh and bones; we are an eternal spirit residing in a physical body for the duration of our life upon this earth. Life goes on beyond this physical planet that we live on and our spiritual learning continues long after we have outlived this physical vehicle that we call a body.”  The author is conveying that the 75 or so years we live on this earth are not all we get to determine where we spend the rest of eternity; rather, physical life is a classroom where we learn the key lessons we need to understand ourselves and God better, and each time we “cross over,” we are moving to the next classroom where we learn the next lessons.  God never turns his back on us or abandons us, regardless of what we do.

The third powerful thought that the author presents is the idea of “Soul Groups,” or individuals that we travel with on our journey, but who take on different roles in our lives as we go from classroom to classroom.  These individuals are our teachers, our parents, our friends, our lovers, our children, our students – whatever they need to be for us to learn what we need to learn as we move forward in our journey.

The author provides a number of examples from her personal experience that provide more details about these three thoughts, as well as many other key comforting messages that fill the book.  It is through these examples that Raine gives the reader hope, comfort, and many valuable ideas for the reader to think about and use to better understand his or her own journey through life.  This is a wonderful book for any spiritual traveller, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.


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Award-winning author William Speir was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1962. His first published work is the 2015 "Muzzle-Loading Artillery for Reenactors." In addition to his artillery manual, William has published 19 novels, including a 9-book action-adventure series ("The Knights of the Saltire Series"), five historical novels ("King’s Ransom," "The Saga of Asbjorn Thorleikson," "Nicaea - The Rise of the Imperial Church," "Arthur, King," and "The Besieged Pharaoh"), one fantasy novel ("The Kingstone of Airmid"), one science fiction novel ("The Olympium of Bacchus 12"), one geo-political thriller ("The Trinity Gambit"), and a stand-alone action-adventure novel ("Shiko Unleashed"). William is a 5-time Royal Palm Literary Award winner: 2014 Second Place Unpublished Historical Fiction for "King’s Ransom," 2015 Second Place Unpublished Historical Fiction for "The Saga of Asbjorn Thorleikson," 2017 Second Place Published Historical Fiction for "Arthur, King," 2017 First Place Published Historical Fiction for "Nicaea - The Rise of the Imperial Church," and 2017 First Place Published Science Fiction for "The Olympium of Bacchus 12." William currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, LLC. For more information about William Speir, please visit his website at WilliamSpeir.com.
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  1. Sara Howard says:

    I loved your review of Raine’s new book. You said it all. I will give her a review soon.

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