I Am Me

Someone asked me how I describe myself as a person.  I had to think about that for a minute.  Here’s what I came up with.

I’m kind, generous, friendly, loving, and loyal to a fault (until you mess with me or someone I love).  I’m intelligent, I’m a reader, and I think for myself (I won’t tolerate anyone trying to tell me what to think or tricking/manipulating me into thinking the wrong things).  I’m a student of history, human nature, culture, and religion, and I draw my own conclusions based on my own research.  I enjoy the company of my friends, I crave my alone time to recharge my batteries, and my idea of a great evening is anything that involves being with my wife.  I’m a writer, a storyteller, a philosopher, and a resource for others to tap into.  I’m a lover of great music, art, literature, and cinema, but I also appreciate the irreverent from time to time.  I’m the knight in shining armor, the bard with pen in hand, and the little child seeing the world for the first time.  I am politically incorrect, historically accurate, unreconstructed, and unapologetic for my life and my beliefs.  I am a human who is striving for divinity, and a spiritual entity in a human experience.

I am me, and I plan to go on being me for as long as I am able.

About wbspeirjr

Award-winning author William Speir was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1962. His first published work is the 2015 "Muzzle-Loading Artillery for Reenactors." In addition to his artillery manual, William has published 19 novels, including a 9-book action-adventure series ("The Knights of the Saltire Series"), five historical novels ("King’s Ransom," "The Saga of Asbjorn Thorleikson," "Nicaea - The Rise of the Imperial Church," "Arthur, King," and "The Besieged Pharaoh"), one fantasy novel ("The Kingstone of Airmid"), one science fiction novel ("The Olympium of Bacchus 12"), one geo-political thriller ("The Trinity Gambit"), and a stand-alone action-adventure novel ("Shiko Unleashed"). William is a 5-time Royal Palm Literary Award winner: 2014 Second Place Unpublished Historical Fiction for "King’s Ransom," 2015 Second Place Unpublished Historical Fiction for "The Saga of Asbjorn Thorleikson," 2017 Second Place Published Historical Fiction for "Arthur, King," 2017 First Place Published Historical Fiction for "Nicaea - The Rise of the Imperial Church," and 2017 First Place Published Science Fiction for "The Olympium of Bacchus 12." William currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, LLC. For more information about William Speir, please visit his website at WilliamSpeir.com.
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