Synopsis of My New Science Fiction Novel

A 79,635 Word Science Fiction Novel by William Speir

            The year is 2614 – 206 years after Earth was destroyed in a natural cataclysm and the United Earth Planets Confederation (UEPC) became humanity’s new home. Spread across cluster of 8 star systems, the 22 inhabited planets of the UEPC thrived and were at peace for more than 200 years… until they came. In an unprovoked attack, alien invaders wipe out the UEPC’s battle fleet and all major cities on 21 planets. Hidden between two great nebulas on the edge of UEPC space, only Bacchus 12 is spared from destruction. The population of Bacchus 12, along with the survivors rescued from the other UEPC planets, must work together to defend humanity and deny the aliens the prize that they desire most – the mineral Olympium, which exists on Bacchus 12.

RICK DOUGLAS, the Planetary Administrator for Bacchus 12 and a devoted family man, is going about his business of directing planetary services on behalf of the Confederation. His job provides him with little real authority, but he enjoys his work because it gives him the chance to serve the people. When he is unable to contact the Confederation government on Trinity 5, he tries to raise the planetary governments of the other Confederation planets, only to discover that civilian communications no longer function. The military is still able to communicate, and Rick leans that the UEPC has been attacked by an unknown alien force. The fleet has been largely destroyed, and most of the cities on the other Confederation planets have been levelled. Only Bacchus 12 remains untouched.

Rick is faced with several crises. Bacchus 12 relies on the other Confederation planets for food, ships, parts, and most other items needed to survive. There is also no longer a Confederation civilian government. The Planetary Council elects Rick as the new Confederation President, and now the survival of the human race falls on his shoulders. He is unsure of himself, but the situation gives him no time to get lost in his own self-doubt. He begins work with the military to create defenses for the planet and to mount rescue operations to the other planets. The survivors must be found and brought back to Bacchus 12 before the alien attackers begin their ground assaults, but the survivors must also be housed and fed – something that Bacchus 12 has no way to do at the moment.

Under Rick’s leadership, many of the survivors are successfully relocated to Bacchus 12 and a mechanism for food production is set up to feed the remnants of the human race. When the alien attackers discover Bacchus 12’s existence, will Rick be able to implement his plans for the defense of the planet? Will he overcome a new and equally deadly threat from within his own cabinet? Will the aliens be destroyed before they seize Bacchus 12? Will humanity survive?

THE OLYMPIUM OF BACCHUS 12 is a stand-alone novel.

About wbspeirjr

Award-winning author William Speir was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1962. His first published work is the 2015 "Muzzle-Loading Artillery for Reenactors." In addition to his artillery manual, William has published 19 novels, including a 9-book action-adventure series ("The Knights of the Saltire Series"), five historical novels ("King’s Ransom," "The Saga of Asbjorn Thorleikson," "Nicaea - The Rise of the Imperial Church," "Arthur, King," and "The Besieged Pharaoh"), one fantasy novel ("The Kingstone of Airmid"), one science fiction novel ("The Olympium of Bacchus 12"), one geo-political thriller ("The Trinity Gambit"), and a stand-alone action-adventure novel ("Shiko Unleashed"). William is a 5-time Royal Palm Literary Award winner: 2014 Second Place Unpublished Historical Fiction for "King’s Ransom," 2015 Second Place Unpublished Historical Fiction for "The Saga of Asbjorn Thorleikson," 2017 Second Place Published Historical Fiction for "Arthur, King," 2017 First Place Published Historical Fiction for "Nicaea - The Rise of the Imperial Church," and 2017 First Place Published Science Fiction for "The Olympium of Bacchus 12." William currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, LLC. For more information about William Speir, please visit his website at
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