The Difference Between a Nazi and a Communist

For years, I’ve heard people say that Nazis are ultra-right-wing, and Communists are ultra-left-wing. In the recent political environment, the media and other ignorant fools are fond of calling conservatives “Nazis.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

What is the real difference between the Nazis (Germans during WWII) and the Soviet/Chinese Communists? Nothing. They are exactly the same. They are just from different countries.

The word Nazi means “National Socialist Party.” The Nazis were totalitarian socialists, just like the Soviets were. Just like the Chinese are.

Look at what the Nazis did when they rose to power. They took away guns from their citizens so the citizens couldn’t fight back when the real oppressions began. They took away private ownership of industry and made it the property of the state. They took control of every aspect of Germany’s economic engine. Then they began arresting people who had ideas that the Nazis didn’t like. Some were executed, and some were sent to labor/concentration camps. Then they went after the Jews and did the same thing. Then they went after any other racial group that they thought was inferior and did the same to them (e.g. the Romani gypsies). The secret police (Gestapo) was everywhere, ready to intimidate and arrest anyone who spoke out against the regime.

The Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China did the exact same thing when their Communist governments rose to power. They disarmed their citizens, seized industries and turned them over to the state, took control of every aspect of their economies, imprisoned those they didn’t like or who spoke out against the regime, executed millions, and used their secret police to intimidate and arrest anyone deemed a threat to the regime.

So how did the misconception that Nazis were conservative get started?

It was one of the best propaganda campaigns ever instituted. It worked so well, in fact, that the lie is still believed to this day.

Germany and the Soviet Union were rivals. They were both totalitarian socialist regimes, and they both wanted to dominate the world. They did not want to share power, which meant that they would never work together to bring about world socialism. They both wanted the world for themselves. Germany knew it would need allies to fight the Soviets, but it could only win allies by making the world think there was actually a difference between the Nazis in Germany and the Soviets in Russia (other than the fact that they were from two different countries). So Germany coined the term Fascist as a way to describe what the Nazis “really” were. They promoted the idea that Fascists were conservative—the opposite of the Communist Russians. Of course, that was a lie. A lie that is still believed today. Fascism has never been implemented by conservative governments, who believe in freedom, including freedom of speech. Fascism has always been a tool of the Socialists as a way to suppress freedoms, including the freedom of speech as a way to silence dissent. But the Germans convinced the world that their Fascist government was somehow different from the Soviet brand of Communism. It was a magnificent lie, but still just a lie.

And look at how well that lie worked. Today, Antifa (“Anti Fascists”) are Socialist goons who attack conservatives, claiming that conservatives are Fascists. In fact, it is the Antifa thugs and their socialist supporters who are the Fascists, because they seek to suppress the conservative’s right to speak out against socialism—totalitarian or otherwise—and most of these thugs and their supporters are too ignorant of this fact to know that they are what they claim to hate.

Conservatives are still called “Nazis” today. Antifa and other anti-conservative pro-socialist movements attempt to denigrate conservatives by attaching to them such a hateful tag as “Nazi.” But Nazis are by definition Socialists, and it is the Antifa and anti-conservative pro-socialist goons who truly act and think like the Nazis did, like the Soviets did, like the Chinese do.

So, there is no difference between Nazi, Soviet, and Communist Chinese. They are all totalitarian socialist regimes, and it was and is their stated goals to control the world under the iron fist of oppression. Calling a conservative “Nazi” is absurd and only displays the ignorance of the insulter. Fascists, Nazis, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, and Communists are all left-wing philosophies. No matter the name, they are the same.

Please remember that the next time you want to use one of these terms to insult someone.


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